AAggie & Stanggie and Stan don’t really exist, but if they did, somebody would write ballads about them, cheesy ones full of guitar solos.

Agnes is the far more exciting, illustrating, painting, frolicking, shower singing, alter ego of Lara, the pinkest lady of all. She is married (mostly happily) to Stan, who is the far more mustachioed, tap dancing, whiskey swigging alter ego of the almost as delicious Jason.

Jason, and Stan I guess, is a photographer with a love for all that is beautiful about weddings – the love, the sharing, the sense of community and joy, the honesty and authenticity, the very beginningness of it all. Perfection. Many years of wielding a camera, often pointed at fast moving objects and the ever fleeting moment, have prepared him well for whatever your day (or Agnes) can throw at him. Agnes comes equipped with an overwhelming desire to be involved in absolutely everything, a cute accent, and a pen.

Together, these two swam across several oceans to get here, give them something to do?

In all seriousness, for as brief a period as possible, Jason and Lara Meintjes moved from South Africa to Long Beach, California a few years ago, chasing a dream or seven. Their mutual love for love has brought them this far. Jason shoots beautiful weddings, beautifully, usually with an equally talented assistant and a list of equipment longer than the beer menu at the yard house. Lara stays home, in the Southern California sunshine, and draws, and sometimes paints, and drinks an awful lot of tea.