Do you shoot together?

No, Lara is a hermit who stays in her shell all day inhaling paint fumes. Jason has an ever ready army of talented photographer friends he likes to keep in a shoe box in the closet and invite out to work on weddings with him. Seriously, no, Lara really is a hermit, and Jason has a few great photographers he likes to work with.

Do you like Pop Rocks?

Yes, who doesn’t?

Do you back up all your work?

Yes, we keep back ups of everything, so if you lose your disc of lovely high res wedding images, we can simply provide you with another copy (Pop Rocks are a pretty good token of appreciation) We do our very best to ensure that future archaeologists have the opportunity to laugh at your cousin doing the funky chicken.

What equipment do you use?

Lots of it, Jason carries a couple of high end professional digital bodies and accompanying lenses, as well as 35mm and 120mm film when requested, and sometimes just for fun. He is a veritable Swiss army knife of camera gear on shoot days.

Do you shoot video?

No, there are wonderful videographers for that, stills make us happy.

Do you travel for weddings, engagements or assignments?

Yes, Travelling is wonderful, there are so many places we have yet to see… We would love to shoot a wedding in every state, or even better, in every country! We once traveled with a couple for a month, shooting guerrilla weddings in all kinds of exciting places – it was just about the most fun we have ever had, lets do it again! Let us know your destination, if its the first time shooting there we just might be inclined to offer a bit of a discount…

How many images will you deliver?

Erm, this differs from couple to couple, usually about 500, sometimes more. It depends how many fire eating jugglers you have. Stan is there all day, committed to capturing your event, there will be many images.

Does Agnes just do wedding invitations?

No, she paints stuff in general, making stationery is fun. Making stationery for happy people is more fun. She prefers to do entire sets of wedding paper, everything from save the date cards, to invitations, menus, place cards, seating charts, thank you notes… if you can use it, she will make it.

How long will it take to get me my images?

Six to eight weeks after your wedding day, you will have a lovely disc of images, this varies depending on the season.

How do I book you for my date?

Send us an email, give us a call, lets discuss your plans and move forward from there. Dates are officially reserved when we receive your signed contract and 1/3 deposit.

Does Agnes choose animals or is that up to the couple?

That is totally up to the couple, sometimes she even paints humans…

Who edits your images?

Jason does, Stan is a super editor, also, he doesn’t sleep.

Does Jason paint too?

Sometimes, he has been known to paint the odd house.

Do you stay for the whole wedding, or a specific number of hours?

Once I am booked for your day, I’m all yours. I am there to capture the preparations, the ceremony, the reception, speeches, family photographs, and every wee adventure until the last twirl is twirled.

Will you print our invitations?

We prefer to refer that to a decent print house, which makes the whole thing more cost effective for you. We would love to be involved in choosing paper stock and the like. If the run is small enough, we would try to make a plan in house, extra pop rocks may be required…

Do unicorns exist?

Based on a Peter Pan theory, yes. Anything could exist, somewhere, if you really believe in it?

Why is there a unicorn in your portfolio?

Agnes is a registered officiant, she was once asked to officiate a wedding as Lars the magical unicorn, which she did in several exciting locations, it was an awful lot of fun, and probably the kind of adventure we would sign up for again.

Where are you based?

We live in Long Beach, California, we love exploring Southern California and often shoot in Orange County, Los Angeles and all the way up and down the coast, Santa Ynez, Malibu and Santa Barbara all enjoy particularly good afternoon light and quite delicious scenery…

Why are we here?

That’s an awfully big question, for now I am going to stick with “because we choose to be”

What do you call your style?

We like to call it documentary photography, we love capturing these events, as they happened, the beautiful fluidity of real life. Yay!

Will you still love me tomorrow?

Probably, weddings are joyful, wonderful events, the excitement usually lingers awhile.